180 Ideas: #11 Leave Something Behind

2 thoughts on “180 Ideas: #11 Leave Something Behind”

  1. I think that much of this comes from the feeling that I had growing up and early in my teaching that the only thing that mattered in math was the answer. I just followed the steps too so my work wasn’t all that interesting. Now I see some amazing strategies and I want to frame them and never forget. So perhaps the issue is helping people see the value and beauty of the representations?


    1. I think that is part of it, but also the SmartBoards have limited space if you are writing over say a PDF and so I see teachers erasing constantly instead of leaving up ideas. Some of the doctoral students from Korea have mentioned that they had to plan for the use of board over a lesson, which I think is really interesting. To think about what should remain and what can go across a lesson is a powerful way to plan.


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