What Math?

I have been a part of many conversations around mathematics teaching and whether or not this or that perspective of teaching mathematics has merit or not. Before we get into what approach to teaching mathematics matters, I think there needs to be a more important conversation: what mathematics do we want our students to learn? … Continue reading What Math?

CAMT 2022

I have the good fortune to attend and speak at the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching Conference (CAMT) this week in San Antonio, Texas. Here is a bit more about my sessions and also handouts for each of them. Formative Assessment Through Student Choice July 14th 8:15-9:30 Hemisfair Ballroom C3 Providing students with … Continue reading CAMT 2022

Circles and Pi

It’s Pi Day (March 14th) so I figured I’d briefly talk about circles and pi. First, let’s talk define a circle. Okay, so a long time ago people wondered how to find the area of a circle, it’s tricky because square units don’t fit within nicely unless they are teeny tiny. People found that if … Continue reading Circles and Pi