180 Ideas: #2 Ask for a Wrong

2 thoughts on “180 Ideas: #2 Ask for a Wrong”

  1. Love this idea! It reminds me of a similar strategy, when students provide a wrong answer, ask the whole class “what question is [student name] answering?” Also, as standardized testing season is approaching, we have been looking at test review questions. One of my students favorite things to do with multiple questions is to think about where the test authors got the wrong answers, which closely relates to this idea you are sharing. I will definitely give this a try!

    1. Hi Joey, I like your ideas too! I will definitely mark these to remember for the fall when I am working with preservice teachers again. 🙂 I especially like looking at the distractors on multiple choice to see if we can think about why they may have put them there, it’s like a detective game 🙂

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