Building Math Minds Virtual Summit

13 thoughts on “Building Math Minds Virtual Summit”

  1. I’m an elementary Special Ed teacher. Just watched your presentation for the Building Math Minds Virtual Summit. It was so well done. Lots of great ideas presented in a most organized manner. Can’t wait to try them.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Evidencece Brilliance discussion. As I learn new technologies I have been wrapping my brain around choice menus in the classroom and I cannot wait to make my Evidence Brilliance Menu! So awesome. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing at Build Math Minds. I am excited to share with students.

  4. Just listened to your Power of Choice Presentation ….fabulous!!!! Lots of great ideas that I can take back to school!

  5. I really enjoyed this. I have lots of ideas to use in my three grade split. I love the ideas to turn repetitive activities into rich math tasks. Thank you!

  6. I just watched your math summit presentation. It was wonderful with lots of ideas I plan on using this fall with teacher. I would like to get a copy of the slides as you mentioned but this site isn’t allowing me to put in my email right now.

  7. I enjoyed your presentation and got some more ideas for how to incorporate choice in math class. Thanks!

  8. I am very excited to implement the choices to my students. Your presentation gave me a lot of ideas for using it’s my class, Thank you very much for the wonderful suggestions.

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